Wake Me From This Nightmare
Gerard keeps seeing something that appears in his bedroom that couldn’t possibly be real. He fears he’s losing his mind. He just wants this hallucination to stop.. but is it really just a hallucination, or something much, much bigger?

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Right Kind of Monster
NC-17 30,000 words
Twilight – The way Stephanie Mayer never intended it to be. Frank Iero has just moved from the sun soaked sights of Italy, to the cold white sighs of Tok, Alaska, to live with his unconventional mother, Linda. Though school isn’t hell and his new friends are accepting, there’s a certain boy from a well known family that captures Frank’s attention and eventually, his heart. Now Frank must experience these two worlds and balance himself some how between them, or else lose the love of his life.

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The Hoodie
Written by: stormvandal
Rating: PG-13 
Warnings: Language, angst, pining, stupid teenage boys, fluff
Summary: It was THE hoodie. You know. The one a guy gives his girlfriend. She wears it all the time. Then, when they break up, she gives it back in a huff. Repeat. Yeah. It was THAT hoodie.

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Grilled Cheese and Lava Lamps
Written by: underwater_sky (paintsex)
Rating: R
Warnings: N/A
Summary: Gerard and Frank have just moved out of their childhood homes and in with each other. Frank tries to move forward while Gerard hangs back.

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Written by: Roxy_Palace
Rating: NC-17 
Warnings: First time, Sex
Summary: Surely tonight he can just be Frank, and not Sally’s husband, or Doctor Iero, or Linda’s son, or Ginny’s daddy, not if he doesn’t want?

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Title: With Dripping Wings, Heavy Things Won’t Fly
Author: silver_etoile
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Frerard (side Ray/Mikey)
POV: 3rd, switches
Summary: Gerard is in more than a mess when he is kicked out of Heaven, and the demon tracking him is certainly not helping him. Frank has a plan, though, and he needs the fallen angel for it to work. This is what happens when Heaven and Hell collide.

Comment: Omg. Angel!Gerard and Demon!Frank are just unf. Read!

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